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Our water heaters

With a large inventory of water heaters Giant, John Wood et Rheem, the purchase of your new electric water heater must be done at Chauffe-Eau SOS. We offer water heaters that meet strict quality standards to ensure that you will have all thehot water that you will need. In addition, all water heaters we sell are checked and checked before being installed at the customer's premises.

CSA certified commercial electric water heaters

Our commercial electric water heaters can be installed as a standalone or combined with other units. All of the products we offer are CSA-certified when they are installed by our own technicians.

Installation chauffe eau

A few points to consider while shopping for your water heater

Where will you install your new water heater?

You should consider space limitations and specific installation requirements. Among others, theinstallation of the water heater must leave free access for its maintenance and ensure its operation in optimal conditions. Your water heater must be located near the plumbing in the home to get the water right. For an electric water heater, it must be plugged into an electrical circuit that meets the manufacturer's specifications as well as the appropriate circuit breakers. 

Which capacity should I consider for my house?

You need to identify which quantity of hot water that will meet your houselhold needs. Usually, a couple would have plenty enough hot water with a 30 or 40 gallon hot water tank. Meanwhile 40 gallon would be recommended for a family of 3. As for a familly of 4 and above, you should look for a 40 to 60 gallons hot water tank.

Water heater replacement parts

Chauffe-eau SOS holds all parts required to service the majority of both electric and gas water heaters. We also carry some parts that can be used for water pump based heating systems.

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